Computer Recovery Mode Installation Tips

The computer recovery mode is a special partition of the hard drive that allows you to fix system errors and install software updates. It also contains a list of all applications installed in the system, including their version numbers. This article will discuss how to enter this mode and what steps you should take afterwards.

The Computer Recovery Mode

If you are looking for a solution to fix the computer and reinstall Windows 7, 8, or 10 then the Computer Recovery Mode is the best option to do this. The Computer Recovery Mode allows you to reinstall Windows on your computer. It’s very easy to use and it can be used by anyone.

The following steps how to use the Computer Recovery Mode:

Turn on your computer and then press F2 or DEL key depending upon what type of system you have(mostly laptops). You’ll see some options like ‘BIOS setup’, ‘Boot menu’ etc. In most cases BIOS setup will appear first but if not then look for boot menu options instead of BIOS settings in your BIOS configuration screen (it looks like F2 or DEL key).

Select “Restart” from this list so that next time when computer starts again there won’t be any windows logo appearing before black screen appears which means we’re going into safe mode where only basic drivers are loaded which allow us accessing Command Prompt window with administrator rights after restarting PC which can’t happen normally due to virus infection or any other reason; otherwise all these steps given below would not work because there would still be no access available after restarting PC again even though normal user account already exists on system but with limited privileges.

Computer Recovery Mode Installation

In this article, we will look at how to install the Computer Recovery Mode on your computer. The Computer Recovery Mode is an installation option that allows you to reinstall Windows without having a disk or product key. You can use this method if:

  • You have removed your license key from the computer and cannot reinstall using the corresponding license.
  • You are installing a new operating system on a system that previously had Windows installed on it.
  • The Windows installation files are corrupted or missing.

The Computer Recovery Mode Installation Tips

The Computer Recovery Mode is a feature that allows you to restore your computer to its factory settings. This mode can be accessed by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard, or when inserting a Windows installation disc. If you want to install Windows, then you will need to boot from the installation disc and follow the prompts on screen. If you want to restore your computer, then you will need to boot from the installation disc and follow the prompts on screen.


As you can see, the installation of the computer recovery mode is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of work and attention to detail, but once you are done with it, you will be able to start using it right away. We hope that this article has helped you understand what this mode is all about and how it works in order for us to make sure that your computer stays safe from any malware attacks.